I don’t know about you, but I need a lot of inspiration to keep me going each day, and I usually have to visit about 900 different websites to get a healthy dose of it.

While I happen to enjoy browsing these 900 different sites (because I have a lot of different interests), and sorting through the riff raff, I know a lot of people don’t and won’t.

Enter The New and The Next.

The New and The Next started off as a curated newsletter of the best things I read all week — usually on the topics of:

  • Marketing
  • Startups/Tech
  • Money/Work
  • News
  • Design
  • Anything else I found interesting that week (I’m flexible in my topics, as my interests span the spectrum)

the new and the next

Then, after eight years in content marketing, I finally decided to build my very own personal blog on WordPress — the site you’re on now.

I’ve been blogging for a couple months, attempting to keep up a cadence of one high-quality blog post per week.

Now, I’ve added an “inspiration” section, where marketers can get inspiration for website/landing page designs, copywriting, strategies, ads, CTAs, videos and more.

marketing inspiration

I handpick everything, and there will be no submission form for now.

I want this to be highly curated and not ruled by the common gatekeepers in the online marketing world who dominate places like GH, which doesn’t exactly appeal to me anymore.

In addition to my personal blog and this inspiration section, there will also be a curated links section — exactly like the newsletter I used to send.

The only difference is that I’ll be publishing the links throughout the week on this site, instead of sending a weekly newsletter.

I may revive the weekly email eventually, but for now, you’ll just have to check the blog for new links each week, just as you would have to with HN.

Why visit The New and The Next?

You may be wondering: Why should I visit your site instead of one of the million of other sites out there?

And I’ll say: I’m so glad you asked…

Find high-caliber content.

First and foremost, everything featured on The New and The Next is high-caliber content.

I am the gatekeeper of everything on this site, and I’m a phenomenal curator and sourcer of hidden gems.

I go out and find this stuff myself.

There is no voting. There are no mods. There are no submission forms. And I hate link builders. #sorrynotsorry (Trust me, I’ll find your content if it’s good!)

me myself and i gif

It’s just me, myself and I, and I pride myself on presenting you with the best ish out there.

Get a wide-variety of content.

Second, I offer a wide-variety of content.

You get a nice eclectic of content on The New and The Next.

Like I said, I love to read (and write) about a lot of different things that are complementary to each other.

This is not a niche site, like how DN and Dribbble is just for “designers” or how HN is mainly for devs.

This is a site for full-stack marketers, or cool professionals who have a wide-range of skills, like design, WordPress, branding, marketing and writing, as well as a variety of interests, including but not limited to: startups, tech, jobs, work, freelancing and interesting news (outside of politics!!!).

full stack marketer

And those are pretty much the two big reasons you should visit The New and The Next.

Basically, I save you A LOT of time by finding and creating the absolute best of best content out there.

You’ll never leave disappointed.

Where’s the future headed?

As for the future, if this goes well, I plan on adding a highly curated remote job board and a nerdy shop for people like me — marketers/entrepreneurs/remote workers, who also happen to be really freakin’ cool and have bombass personalities. =)


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